18 Actors You Didn’t Know Got Their Start on Reality TV

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started on reality tv


Plenty of celebs have started their careers in interesting ways. From waiting tables to soap operas, there is no “one way” to achieve fame and fortune. It can be incredibly humbling (and inspiring!) to find out an actor started out exactly where you are now. And it can be a bit confusing when you realize some stars got their big break on reality TV.

When you think of reality TV you definitely don’t think of prestige acting. Most of the clowns on reality TV shows are looking for 15 minutes of fame and don’t have very much to offer. But once in a while, someone ends up on a guilty pleasure TV show and transcends the stigma to be something more. It’s rare. Like, super-duper rare. But it happens! Here are some of the most shocking celebs that got their start on reality TV!

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