15 Actresses Who Had Their First Kiss on a TV Show

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First kisses are monumental moments in any young person’s life, even though they’re hardly something to write home about. Sure, some people get lucky and have INCREDIBLE initial smooches (we’re looking at you, Shannon Purser), but, for the most part, the experience is anticlimactic and super uncomfortable. On the small screen, however, first kisses are usually portrayed as being *magical* and *romantic*. While this is great and all (like, who doesn’t want to get lost in a unrealistic fictional love story every now and then?), we have to point out that the filming of said scenes is rarely pretty, ESPECIALLY when the actors are having their first kiss along with their character.

If you go back and think about your first kiss (cringey, we know), we highly doubt you’d want it to be recorded on camera for millions of people to watch over and over again. We also doubt you’d be able to handle it if we told you it would have to happen in front of a set full of cast and crew members. Well, guess what? This is the reality for many of our favorite actresses including Millie Bobby Brown and Mila Kunis, as they’re just two female stars who puckered up for the first time ever while filming their hit TV series. Now THAT’s talent, y’all.

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