20 Facts About Amazon Prime’s New Hit The Boys

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The Boys

Amazon Prime

People have always been fascinated by superheroes, but in the past few years especially, we have been bombarded by heroes with special abilities in film and on television. The Marvel Cinematic Universe alone has made over $22 billion with its 23 movies, and they already have plans for at least another 12 more. On TV, we’ve got The CW’s Arrowverse including five shows based off DC Comic heroes. The one big thing all these series have in common is the overarching belief that superheroes are good guys trying to do the right thing and save people. But what if they aren’t?

Amazon Prime has entered the ring to flip the superhero story on its head with The Boys. The Boys was an immediate smash hit on the streaming service, and it’s no wonder with all the big names they were able to get on board the series. Not to mention the original storyline we haven’t seen a thousand times over already: What if the heroes aren’t the good guys? Whether you’ve already binged the show and are totally obsessed (guilty) or you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard about it yet, here are 20 facts you should know about Amazon Prime’s The Boys. Happy streaming.

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