19 Late-Addition TV Characters Who Nearly Ruined The Show

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We tend to brace ourselves whenever we see new characters introduced on our favorite TV shows. While they seem like a good fit on the surface, there’s no telling whether their presence will ultimately ruin everything we love about the show. We don’t know if their backstories will be intriguing enough to keep us invested. We don’t know if their personalities will be relatable. And there’s no guarantee that they’ll seamlessly fit into existing storylines. Sure, we’ve seen a few examples, where new additions worked out really well (just look at Bernie and Amy from The Big Bang Theory). But unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

When it comes to popular shows, new characters are often thrown into the mix to either replace former characters, help boost show ratings or add more storylines. This is pretty understandable because it’s tough to keep a show running for several seasons without losing the audience. However, it’s important to add complex and engaging characters that viewers can actually relate to on some level. Because randomly adding annoying or one-dimensional people for the sake of drama just won’t cut it. See some of the most pointless characters that great TV shows could’ve gone without:

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