20 TV Shows Set In Perpetual Fall

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Sabrina: The Teenage Witch

Autumnal TV Shows


The original Sabrina: The Teenage Witch wasn’t expressly told to give off year-round autumn vibes, but they might be a side effect of witch-centric shows. You can find Aunt Hilda brewing potions in her cauldron wearing her pumpkin aprons during any season, the show’s ’90s fashions were conservative in a way that suggests an eternal chill in the air, and when Sabrina did expressly do fall, it went all-out. We’re talking autumn leaves indoors, plates of candy corn and caramel apples, orange dresses and trick-or-treaters, and a cat wearing a ghost costume who says “Boo!” And it’s not just Halloween — they go all-out for Thanksgiving, too.

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