The Bachelor Stars On Dancing With The Stars Ranked By Average Scores

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The Bachelor Stars on Dancing With The Stars Melisa Rycroft


Who doesn’t love a television crossover, especially with reality TV? Bachelor Nation already sees a lot of crossovers between The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. Besides all that, there are a ton of Bachelor stars on Dancing With The Stars. Because what does someone do after they win/lose a dating competition? They put on their dancing shoes, evidently. And they do more reality TV shows, obvs.

There are always some interesting competitors on DWTS. And Bachelor stars are a special breed. They have already been on another ABC show so they know basic reality TV rules. But, all of the roses and group dates are done. They’re replaced by spray tans, sequins, and complicated footwork. Some former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants kill it on the dance floor while others prove they are best left to their day jobs — whatever those may be. See all of the Bachelor stars on Dancing With The Stars ranked by average score from worst to best. Can you guess who took the number one spot?

Trista Sutter, 18.5/30

Dancing With The Stars Trista Sutter


If you are a hardcore Dancing With The Stars/Bachelor fan and you were betting money that Joe Amabile would have the lowest score — surprise, surprise — you are wrong. That honor actually goes to Trista Sutter. She competed waaaaaaaay back on the first season of DWTS in 2005 with partner Louis Van Amstel. We really didn’t get to see much of the former The Bachelorette‘s dancing because she was eliminated in week two of the competition. (There was no elimination in week one.) She performed a waltz for her first dance followed by a sexy rumba for her final performance. Hey, at least she got a 7 from Head Judge (and very tough critic) Len Goodman for what would be her swan song.

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