21 TV Characters With The Greatest BDE

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Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

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While Buffy Summers seems like the first choice to be honored with the title of BDE because she could kick demon ass and dressed super cute, Buffy’s desperation to go back to her normal life often left an emo cloud over her BDE-esque qualities. Spike, however, is a vampire whose love was so strong that he successfully fought to regain his soul. He feels things so strongly that he can literally defeat his own soulless nature, finding the perfect balance of into it and emotionally unavailable. He manages to make punk rocking look acceptable in the 1990s and finds a way to respect Buffy’s kick-butt awesomeness instead of being intimidated by it. Also, not to be a hater, but Angel had some seriously SDE with all the brooding.

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