The Best “Comfort Food” TV Shows

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There’s a lot of TV out there today, and much of it is worth watching. Sometimes, though, watching a new TV show can be a real workout. You’ve got to get invested in new characters, learn new names, and come to understand new situations or plot points. You aren’t always in the mood to do all that work. Then there are those great TV shows that can be a bit of a downer — looking at you The Handmaid’s Tale and 13 Reasons Why. Sometimes you just want comfort food TV.

These are the shows that are easy to consume. They’re familiar, but they’re also really tasty. These shows can come from a variety of genres, but what unites them all is the way they make you feel. That feeling is one of easy comfort and total relaxation. When you come home after a long day, these are the shows you’ll want to turn on.

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