16 of the Best Miniseries for Those With Short Attention Spans

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Finding a great 10 season, 160 episode TV show is always awesome. A new show to take up all of your time, yay! But, to be honest, some shows overstay their welcome. So many stories can be told in way less than 100+ episodes, yet the pursuit of the almighty dollar keeps us flush in seasons. That’s when you naturally start to see a dip in quality and, ultimately, the regurgitation of the same old stories time and time again. There is a form of television that solves all this, though, and that’s the beloved miniseries. All of the best miniseries do one big thing: tell a concise, full story in (usually) 10 episodes or less. What’s not to love?

Miniseries were created for those of us who are low on time and have the attention span of a goldfish. They’re full of rich stories that aren’t drawn out for the sake of more episodes. The limited runs allow showrunners to plot the beginning, middle, and end of their stories and perfect them. It’s rare in the world of television to know exactly when your show may end so miniseries provide predictability that keeps episodes tight and stories on track. Plus, it helps avoid the ridiculous storylines that come with shows that have been on way too long (looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy). Here are the best miniseries of all time for when you don’t have tons of binge-watching time — or the attention span to get deep into a show!

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