16 of the Best Miniseries for Those With Short Attention Spans

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The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story

people vs. oj


The real-life story of OJ Simpson‘s rise and fall is so captivating that it barely needs to be dramatized for TV. Whether or not you think he did it (uh, he did it), the saga of his Bronco chase, arrest, trial, acquittal, and subsequent later-life spiral are all fascinating. When Ryan Murphy was crafting the first season of American Crime Story (another anthology series from him), he chose to begin with a doozy. In The People vs. OJ Simpson, viewers are treated to an exploration of the prosecution and defense in his case. It’s a masterful look at an event people know so well. Oh, and let’s not forget that Cuba Gooding Jr. was pretty much born to play Simpson!

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