16 of the Best Miniseries for Those With Short Attention Spans

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Sharp Objects

sharp objects


Gillian Flynn is a pro at crafting perfect mysteries. Gone Girl was one of the biggest things in the world after Flynn’s novel was adapted into a film that proved her thrill-writing prowess. But, to be honest, Flynn’s work is so slow-burning and deftly crafted that a movie runtime almost doesn’t do it justice. A miniseries is a perfect medium for a Flynn original. More time than a movie to flesh out the story, but not too much to draw it thin and convolute the mystery. Sharp Objects tells the story of Camille (Amy Adams), whose journey to her hometown to investigate the disappearances and deaths of young girls sets her down a dangerous path. Flynn’s brilliant plot along with the dark, haunting visuals of the series meld perfectly for one of the best miniseries of 2018.

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