The 20 Best Netflix Comedy Specials That Will Have You LOLing

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Best Netflix Comedy Specials John Mulaney New In Town


Netflix has everything. Whether you’re in the mood for YA adaptations or period films, we can find them on the streaming service. Furthermore, it has the brilliant Netflix Originals. If you’re after something funny, there are plenty of options. We could give you lots of examples of shows, films, and Netflix Original Movies, but we’d like to suggest the best Netflix comedy specials.

There are a ton of Netflix comedy specials for our viewing pleasure. But, sometimes we forget about them because we automatically default to watching sitcoms and films. If you’re looking for guaranteed laughs, the comedy specials are where it’s at. They feature some of our favorites including Amy Schumer, Adam Sandler, Ali Wong, John Mulaney, and more. Get ready to LOL with the 20 best Netflix comedy specials. We suggest not eating or drinking anything while streaming these hilarious shows to prevent any embarrassing accidents.

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