The 20 Best Netflix Comedy Specials That Will Have You LOLing

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Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

Best Netflix Comedy Specials Ellen DeGeneres Relatable


There is another place you can get your happy fill of Ellen DeGeneres besides The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Fans needs to put on her 2018 Netflix comedy special Relatable. It is significant because the talk show host hasn’t done a comedy special since 2003. This one was well overdue, but it was worth the wait. The stand-up routine captures everything that we love about Ellen: It’s absolutely hilarious but heartfelt at the same time. She touches on some difficult topics like how she was discriminated against when she came out. It’s interspersed with lighter material like how she cannot be unkind. Ellen also touches on the title of the show and how “relatable” she is. Yes, there might be some dancing.

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