The 20 Best Netflix Comedy Specials That Will Have You LOLing

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Kevin Hart: Irresponsible

Best Netflix Comedy Specials Kevin Hart Irresponsible


It might surprise some people that Kevin Hart didn’t get his first Netflix comedy special until April 2019. It is thanks to Irresponsible. Those who didn’t get to see his sold-out show get the chance to experience it in the comfort of their bedrooms/family rooms with the comedy sketch. The title of the routine is in reference to the comedian’s mistakes. He highlights the things that he hasn’t done perfectly in his life. He touches on his second marriage, raising three kids, and technology. And he does it all with his seemingly limitless amount of energy. The way he interacts with the audience will make you wish you were there, especially with the unique central stage. But, you wouldn’t have had as good of a seat as you do watching the show on Netflix.

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