15 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Quotes That Will Make You Say “Ugh, Same!”

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We could wax poetic all day about the first two seasons of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This show has everything: the Dark Lord falling from Heaven in a loin cloth,  love triangles that’ll make you scream, cry and laugh, fierce demon women that make their own rules, and that’s just the start. The show has at least two more seasons officially signed to go, and praise Satan for that because we still have some major questions.

In between all the potions, the resurrections, the schemes and the absolute horrors of having to be a teenager in not one but two high schools, this show is relatable as hell. There’s no shortage of Sabrina quotes to identify with.

Sure, most of us are not members of the Church or Night, able to change our outfits by twirling in front of a mirror or the proud owners of that many lace-trimmed dresses. We certainly can’t travel to the depths of the ocean through our bathtubs and our pets aren’t secretly goblins, but this show and its characters can sometimes still manage to be as real as it gets. It’s surprisingly not hard to relate the magical world of Greendale to our own.

“It’s the witching hour somewhere.”


Nick Scratch spends a lot of time at Dorian’s Gray Room, and who can blame him. His girlfriend is secretly on her way to becoming the Queen of Hell, her ex-boyfriend is, like, always around, and magic school would probably be going better if, you know, he weren’t expelled for helping said girlfriend impersonate her dead parents at Father Blackwood and Aunt Zelda‘s wedding. Sometimes after a long day you just need to take a load off and grab a gin fizz or 35. And it might not be happy (or sad, in this case) hour, but who’s really checking the clock anyways? We know we feel our favorite warlock on this one. Sometimes when you need a trip to the bar, it doesn’t matter what moment of the day it is.

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