The Top 20 TV Comedy Ensembles of All Time, Ranked

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Some of the best TV shows of all time have gotten by on the merit of their cast. This goes double for comedies! Let’s be honest — no TV comedy can survive on just the skill of one person. You need everyone to mesh well together to get each and every laugh. Comedy ensembles can make or break a show, no matter how good the writing, production, or direction may be. The chemistry between some of the best TV comedy ensembles of all time is nothing short of magical. Remove just one piece of the puzzle and your entire show could fall apart. There’s a reason why the best comedy series of the last few decades have all been led by multiple stars bouncing off each other!

Not every comedy ensemble is created equal. Numbers differ, the chemistry of the cast can ebb and flow. But one thing always holds true: you couldn’t do the same thing with different actors. These comedy ensembles have created (and, in some cases, continue to create) something unique in the scope of TV comedy. While comedy can often be reduced to one guy standing on stage with a microphone, these shows prove that hilarity also comes in bigger numbers! Here are the best TV comedy ensembles of all time, definitively ranked!

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