The Top 20 TV Comedy Ensembles of All Time, Ranked

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5. Parks and Recreation

parks and recreation


This is the prime example of not judging a TV show by its first season. Parks and Recreation‘s inaugural season isn’t the best, but if you stick with it, you’ll find the greatest group of misfits ever assembled on TV. This is a case of getting the exact right people together at the exact right time and creating something special. Every element of this ensemble is fundamentally different, but they never feel like caricatures and never feel out-of-place among their friends and coworkers. On the contrary, they even each other out perfectly — like Andy (Chris Pratt) lightening April (Aubrey Plaza) up and Ann (Rashida Jones) calming Chris (Rob Lowe) down when he’s too wound up. When new people come along they don’t disrupt the ensemble, they add to it. Because everyone is welcome in Pawnee!

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