17 Enviable TV Friend Groups We Want to Hang Out With

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If we’re honest, there is nothing quite like sitting at home and binge-watching TV shows. But, as fun as that is, we know the value of a good friendship. So, that’s why we binge watch shows about amazing TV friend groups! It’s the same thing as hanging out with our real friends, right?! Okay, maybe not so much. But can you blame us when there are so many great shows about groups of friends? Some of the best comedies of all time center on groups of people that we would kill to hang out with!

Television shows always benefit from an ensemble of actors who mesh well together. That chemistry is clear and present in these TV friend groups. While many are comedies, there are also several dramas and even a few supernatural series that have amazing friendships at the heart of the show. Friends are the family we get to make for ourselves in this world, and TV friend groups are virtual comfort food. It always gives us the warm and fuzzies to watch thriving friendships on TV! The TV friend groups we love the most help to combat all the cynicism on TV (and in the world). TBH, we need that right now. Here are all of the TV friend groups we’d kill to hand out with!

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