17 Enviable TV Friend Groups We Want to Hang Out With

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Stranger Things

stranger things


Hawkins, Indiana is a hotbed for weird stuff. Oh, and it’s connected to a parallel universe called “the Upside Down.” So, yeah, not a normal town. It’d be pretty understandable if the kids in the town didn’t get to live normal lives. To be honest — they don’t. But they do manage to have normal, exceptionally deep friendships. When Will (Noah Schnapp) goes missing his friends take on the arduous job of finding him. They’re all eventually reunited, and thus begins even crazier stuff to deal with! Instead of letting it break them they face it all together. It’s easy for middle school friendships to form and dissolve with fickle ease, but not for Will and his buddies. They have an unbreakable bond that not even a Demogorgon could destroy!

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