The Top 15 Best Musical TV Episodes On Non-Musical Shows

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On paper, the TV musical episode almost always sounds like a bad idea. There are so many different ways that it can go wrong. The music might be bad, or the actors can’t sing, or it doesn’t feel in line with the show’s normal tone. Still, a surprising amount of the time, it works out well. TV musical episodes can give shows a chance to exercise creative muscles that they don’t often get the chance to use.

These musical episodes can come in a variety of forms. Sometimes, characters just burst into song to express how their feeling. Other times, there’s a high school musical or some other event going on that gives characters the chance to sing. The music source also varies. Sometimes, it’s written originally for the show. Other times, it comes from pre-existing material of one kind or another. With all that said, here are 15 of the best musical TV episodes on non-musical shows.

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