18 Veronica Lodge Quotes That Prove She Is Riverdale’s Queen of Sass

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She carries herself with an air of authority and her words can cut deeper than knives. Plus, she’s witty, unflinchingly honest and always prepared to clap back with her savage one-liners. No, we’re not talking about Regina George‘s red-haired reincarnate, Cheryl Blossom (although she’s definitely had her sassy moments). We’re talking about the fabulous Veronica Lodge, who actually made Cheryl quake in her shoes on several occasions.

On The CW’s Riverdale, Veronica has been balancing her genuine kindness and fierceness is a way that’s truly unparalleled. She’s incredibly sweet and loyal to the people she cares about, but at the same time, she’s an outspoken feminist who won’t hesitate to storm a boys’ locker room or completely obliterate Riverdale High’s favorite it-girl in front of her friends. She’s proven to be a go-getter and is a true inspiration to us all, but if she’s taught us anything, it’s that hell truly hath no fury like when Veronica gets ticked off. See all the moments that birthed some of her best, most savage one-liners:

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