36 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets from Big Brother

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There have been five different Powers of Veto.


If you’re a longtime Big Brother watcher, you might have realized that there have been different Powers of Veto throughout the series. There have actually been five different types thus far. The Power of Veto was introduced for the first time on season three. The season had the Gold Power of Veto which allowed the person to take anyone off of the Nomination Block, including themselves. The season also had the Silver Power of Veto which could remove a person, excluding themselves, from the Nomination Block. Season four and season 12 had a Diamond Power of Veto which is like the gold, but the winner names the replacement nominee instead of the Head of Household. Season 13 had the Dual Power of Veto and season 14 brought the Golden Ball of Veto. There are other types of vetoes that form their own sub-category including Boomerang Power of Veto, Double Power of Veto, Forced Power Of Veto, Secret Power of Veto, and Black Hole Power of Veto.

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