16 Behind the Scenes Secrets from Big Little Lies

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Big Little Lies was a reminder of what TV could do when it debuted in 2017 at a time when Game of Thrones was still the biggest show on TV. It starred a bunch of really famous women and gave all of them a chance to shine. The show captivated audiences in part because it was so different from most of what TV had brought us to date. Big Little Lies was an event in the truest sense. It was also incredibly fun to watch.

Before the show debuted, though, there was plenty of work done to make it a reality. That first season didn’t make itself, after all, and the show’s cast had a bigger hand in the show’s creation than most casts do. Part of what makes Big Little Lies so good is the relationships between the women who created it. Each one of them is fascinating in their own right, and when you put them together, it’s even better. Here are 16 behind-the-scenes Big Little Lies secrets.

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