30 Sex-Ed Lessons I Had to Learn from Big Mouth

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Porn Is Fine (Unless You’re Using It to Numb Your Emotions)

Big Mouth's Sex-Ed


Okay, not *all* porn is fine. PornHub, for example, hosts a lot of content that exploits underaged girls, shows human trafficking victims, or was uploaded as revenge porn. There’s also a lot of porn that creates unrealistic expectations for women in bed and looks nothing like real-life sex. None of that is okay. Ethical porn does exist, however, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of watching it. Big Mouth introduces porn in a realistic way (using Sylvester Stallone porn that exists IRL), but it also shows the dangers of using porn to avoid your feelings. If you know someone who’s using porn to numb their humanity, send them to a therapist to work that sh*t out.

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