30 Sex-Ed Lessons I Had to Learn from Big Mouth

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The Whole Thing Isn’t the Vagina



Kristen Wiig’s talking vagina taught us more than just where pee comes from. We talk about the vagina so casually that it’s easy to forget the word “vagina” only refers to the internal canal that connects your uterus to the outside world. And, yes, this colloquialization is probably the result of ingrained social misogyny that only cares about the part of a woman’s genitals that benefits men. The entrance is formed by the vulva and the labia, which is split into the Labia Majora and the Labia Minora. If you took a basic human anatomy class, you probably knew all of this and could map all of these sections out on a diagram. If you were given the option to skip anatomy and take an introductory law course instead, you might have heard about this for the first time on a Netflix show created by that dude who played Ruxin on The League.

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