30 Sex-Ed Lessons I Had to Learn from Big Mouth

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Adderall Doesn’t Help *Everyone*

Big Mouth's Sex-Ed


Technically, this isn’t one of Big Mouth‘s sex-ed lessons, but the series’ standardized testing episode raised concerns about Adderall usage I had never thought of before. Usually, Adderall is described as a magical test-taking pill that will make you so hyper-focused, it’s basically cheating. What its proponents don’t explain is that taking Adderall when you don’t actually need it can have some seriously messed up side effects, whether it’s as mild as losing a little sleep or as aggressive as Missy’s full mental breakdown. This study drug can actually cause you to tweak out and be less prepared than you would have been if you’d just tried your best and acknowledged that standardized tests are stupid anyway.

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