30 Sex-Ed Lessons I Had to Learn from Big Mouth

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Gaslighting Exists

Big Mouth's Sex-Ed


Gaslighting awareness should be included in every sex-ed class from here to The Planet Formerly Known As Pluto. Poor, lonely Lola was the victim of gaslighting from her faux-ally teacher during season three’s Disclosure musical, which was itself a wonderful lesson on how messed up the movie Disclosure is and why we should always believe women. At this point, many women have figured out how to spot gaslighting from sh*tty dudes who can’t take responsibility for their own drama, but this wasn’t the first time Lola has been gaslighted on Big Mouth. Devin’s treatment of Lola, especially during the sleepover episode on season one, is another example of this sad little monster being convinced that she’s the problem in a toxic relationship built solely to idealize her partner.

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