30 Sex-Ed Lessons I Had to Learn from Big Mouth

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Some Showmances Are Just Showmances

Big Mouth's Sex-Ed


This one goes out to my theatre kids. Just like those football captains always have a head cheerleader on their arm, Millie Dillmount always ends up with her Jimmy Smith. That’s a little Thoroughly Modern Millie reference for you. The showmance is a time-honored tradition we’ve seen replicated on middle school stages and Hollywood film sets alike, but Big Mouth teaches us to maybe not go with our first instincts on this one. Sometimes, you’re not attracted to your co-star, you’re attracted to their character (or their acting, or the moment, or their wig, or whatever). Nick and Missy had to find this out the hard way in Disclosure: The Musical, especially since it was real for our rejected leading lady.

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