30 Sex-Ed Lessons I Had to Learn from Big Mouth

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Just Because Someone’s Into You Doesn’t Mean They Want to Be With You

Big Mouth's Sex-Ed


Even after Missy and Andrew’s parents force them apart (and Missy realizes she’s not ready to be in a serious relationship), these lovebirds still harbored feelings for each other. The audience knows Andrew always had a thing for Missy, but it seemed like our nerdy queen had moved on to another paramour. On Big Mouth‘s Valentine’s Day special, Andrew and the audience learn that Missy is still attracted to Andrew, and Andrew thinks this means he can win her back. Missy’s rejection of Andrew and his increasingly disturbing attempts to win her over teach another great Big Mouth sex-ed lesson that just because someone is attracted to you doesn’t mean they want to actually be with you. Missy made a healthy choice to ignore her feelings for a toxic person, something Andrew couldn’t understand at the time.

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