18 TV Characters Who Prove Sexuality Is On A Spectrum

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When it comes to representation of sexuality on TV you usually get a dose of the two ends of the spectrum: straight or gay. But what about the people who fall in the middle? Bisexuality is often ignored on television in favor of a more “black and white” narrative, but let’s be real — sexuality is anything but black and white! There is so much nuance to how people fall in love and who they fall in love with! These bisexual TV characters bring representation to an oft-overlooked group of people. If television wants to be inclusive it needs to be inclusive of everyone — LGBT & Q!

There are so many bisexual TV characters making television a more accepting place. More than you even think! No longer is it taboo to create characters who act like real people and have complex relationships. Some people don’t fall neatly into a box, preferring to blur the lines and explore. These bisexual TV characters push the limits of sexuality on television and normalize something that is totally natural!

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