20 Reasons Bughead Is Endgame On Riverdale

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There are plenty of great couples of TV today, but none have captured the imagination of avid fans like Bughead. The relationship between Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones on Riverdale has been one of the show’s center points since its first season. Played by Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, the show has brought these two characters together and ripped them apart with great frequency. Riverdale is about a town where plenty of dark, twisted $h*! happens, and Bughead has been a constant. They’re a comfort for fans of the show, and for those who just want to believe in true love.

Part of what makes Bughead such a compelling couple comes from the clear chemistry between Cole, the former Suite Life of Zack and Cody star, and Lili, a relatively unknown actress before she landed her big role on The CW. That chemistry doesn’t tell the whole story, though. There are plenty of reasons that Bughead is one of the best relationships to hit the small screen. Some of them come from aww-worthy moments on the show; others come down to how the characters are written. Every one of them is proof that these characters are meant to be. They are one of the few TV couples that inspire fans around the world so passionately. Here are 20 reasons that Bughead truly is endgame.

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