20 Iconic Fashion Moments From Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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The Witches’ Black Magic Moment

CAOS Fashion


Honestly, we’d much rather watch a television show about Agatha and Dorcas, but we’ll take the glimpses of their dark and glamorous life we’re given through Sabrina’s eyes. The Weird Sisters and Ambrose are absolutely slaying in their BDSM-chic party attire. Agatha is rocking a strategic and tasteful sheer top, Dorcas is wearing a corset and no pants like the bad witch she is, and Prudence is in a deep-cut pleather romper. Ambrose rounds out the attire with a regal necklace and open shirt. Meanwhile, boring old Sabrina is wearing like some glittery dress she could have found at Windsor. We love you girl, but take notes.

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