17 Casting Secrets From Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

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Sabrina Was Going To Be A Season One Riverdale Villain

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Casting Secrets


Sabrina Spellman’s road to Netflix was a long and winding road. Before her standalone CW series was conceived and years before the streaming giant would come into the picture, reports circled that Sabrina was poised to become a season one Riverdale villain. We’re not sure exactly how that would have worked, but we likely wouldn’t have seen Kiernan in the role. The actress has previously stated that she was drawn to Sabrina specifically because of the series’s feminist take on its source material, and it definitely sounds like she only gained interest in the show once it moved off of the CW. It doesn’t seem like she would have been down to play a side character on a network soap. KJ Apa once let it slip during season one that Sabrina Spellman showed up on the finale airing that year, making this a puzzle we do not have all the pieces to.

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