17 Casting Secrets From Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

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Luke Cook Said Sabrina Was His Worst Audition Ever

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Casting Secrets


The Dark Lord, who we thought would be more of a Father Blackwood-type, as opposed to the literal 32-year-old stud Luke Cook, didn’t exactly nail the audition. We know he’s playing, like, an immortal goat man or whatever, but that man is *not* old enough to have a teenage daughter. In an interview with XO Diva, Luke spoke about how his Chilling Adventures audition was his worst audition ever. The adorable self-deprecating actor (we’re in love!) said he walked out feeling like a terrible actor and considering booking a one-way ticket back to Australia (he’s AUSTRALIAN!). Thank The Dark Lord, it couldn’t have been that bad, because the cutie blessed our small screens and will hopefully return for part three.

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