17 Casting Secrets From Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

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Tati Was First Brought In To Play Rosalind

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Casting Secrets


Going solely off of Tati Gabrielle’s real-life personality, the casting team was right to bring Tati in to read for Rosalind instead of the sinister Prudence Night. Tati has shared in the past that she’s so freaked by the occult aspects of the show, she refuses to say “Hail, Satan!” as a joke behind the scenes and does a nightly smudging to rid herself of the negative juju that might be summoned by the show’s decision to only use real pagan spells. Girl, same. She’s so scared of most horror films, she told W that she couldn’t even watch Jurassic Park until she was sixteen, but she was thrilled to be brought back in to read for the villainous wicked witch. It’s called acting, look it up.

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