Netflix Receives $50 Million Lawsuit Over Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

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chilling adventures of sabrina lawsuit


It’s been exactly two weeks since The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina officially premiered on Netflix, and though the reboot has been well-received by critics, not everyone is a fan. As previously reported, The Satanic Temple threatened legal action against the reboot, claiming that it “appropriates” the design of its statue of the deity Baphomet. In other words, the group believes CAOS ripped them off – and now it appears that they’ve made good on their threat.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Satanic Temple has filed a $50 million lawsuit against Netflix and Warner Bros., but The Blast reports it’s a whole lot more than that. Apparently, they’re suing for copyright infringement, trademark violation, and injury to business reputation, asking for $50 million for EACH infraction, for a total of $150 million. But wait… there’s more. They’ve also filed an injunction barring Netflix from distributing the series as long as it has their statue in it.

So, if you haven’t already binge-watched the whole first season of CAOS, then you should probably catch up on all the episodes just in case they’re removed from the streaming platform. If you have, then you’ve definitely seen the statue a couple of times. It’s really hard to miss as it appears in the entrance of Sabrina Spellman’s school, The Academy of the Unseen Arts, on four episodes.

TBH, when we first heard the Satanic Temple was threatening to sue Netflix over this statue, we never thought it would get to this point. However, for argument’s sake, they do look very similar. Both the group’s statue and the CAOS statue feature a winged creature with a horned goat’s head and also show two children standing next to it, looking up at him. It’s important to note that the temple isn’t claiming ownership of the Baphomet, but they’re accusing the show of stealing their design.

The Satanic Temple’s co-founder, Lucien Greaves, even posted the images below on Twitter to show just how much the statues resemble each other. It’s hard to deny they don’t look the same…

When Twitter users criticized him and the temple’s decision to pursue legal action (and such extreme measures) over a statue, he tweeted, “It is unique enough that we already own the copyright. It’s not a parody because it makes no acknowledgment of the source. It’s simply theft.”

It’s clear that they were not kidding. They want their statue removed from the show and they want to be paid the damage it caused their image and temple. What isn’t clear is what will happen next, but it seems to us that Netflix is going to have to address this issue or it might not go away.

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