Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s Opening Credits Are Here And We Are READY

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Did anyone else not realize that October 26 is literally tomorrow? Netflix‘s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina comes out in 14 hours and the Whisp can’t wait.

Naturally, when Netflix released the series’ opening credits yesterday, we watched them a million times and have intensely dissected them looking for clues about our new Archie Comics obsession.

The credits are long — like, 94 seconds long. This is likely because Netflix knows we’ll just all skip over it after the first episode anyway, but it was still a lot to take in.

The first thing that struck us was the comic-centric focus that connects the television series to its source material. Especially because this is in contrast to Riverdale, which hasn’t made any overt references to its life in print during the show. The ending image is even cover art from the Chilling Adventures comic series. The video’s tagline, “the beginning of something wicked,” pretty much sums up the occultist aesthetic of the sequence, which features illustrations of Sabrina Spellman being grabbed by a giant hand in front of a pagan symbol surrounded by skeleton octopi, a supernatural creature covered in blood carrying its dead-undead compatriot and a satanic goatman standing in a cemetery. The illustrators didn’t pull any punches here, and hopefully the series delivers the same creepy fun as its opening promises us.

The actors’ introductions may have also given us a glimpse into their character arcs. Ross Lynch‘s title card is exactly as non-spooky as you would expect from Sabrina’s dopey mortal love interest (side note: are we the only ones who totally forgot Ross Lynch was on this show?). Does this mean that Lucy Davis‘s Hilda Spellman illustration surrounded by spiders and what seems to be a zombified version of Hilda will foreshadow the coming episodes? Why is Chance Perdomo‘s cousin Ambrose casually chillin’ in a morgue? And was that Harvey Kinkle‘s head being thrown into a cauldron? We have so many questions.

The illustrations are most likely just meant to be creepy, but considering the amount of imagery depicting the undead and creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa‘s involvement with the Afterlife with Archie comics, we’d be surprised if zombies didn’t appear during the series’ ten-episode first season. In the comics, it’s Sabrina that starts the zombie apocalypse in Riverdale by resurrecting Hot Dog for Jughead, and we can’t rule out a supernatural element on Riverdale considering the way its third season has gone so far. Greendale, Sabs’ homebase, has been mentioned on Riverdale, so we know the series exist in the same universe, even if they don’t exist on the same television network.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be released on October 26 at 3AM EST on Netflix. We know we’ll be bingeing all ten episodes — will you?

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