16 Crazy Fan Theories About TV Shows That Will Blow Your Mind

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The great thing about any art is the ability for fans to interpret it in their own way. From paintings to classic literature to film symbolism, there is so much to decode that is personal to the person consuming the art. Oftentimes, usually in the case of television, fan interpretation can lead to theorizing. Many fan theories are within the realm of possibility. Some theorists are so attuned to what a show is all about that their theories actually come to fruition. But, then there are the crazy fan theories that probably aren’t real but the fact that they maybe are blows our minds!

From sitcoms to breeding grounds like Game of Thrones, few shows are immune to crazy fan theories, the kinds that circulate the internet and throw Reddit into a frenzy. Theories range from how completely different shows may be connected to wild “they were dead the whole time!” conjectures. Sure, some of these assumptions are easily debunked. But a few just make so much sense! All we know is that these crazy fan theories totally blew our mind when we heard them!

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