16 Crazy Fan Theories About TV Shows That Will Blow Your Mind

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Monica and Joey were doing drugs on Friends

There is a shocking amount of crazy fan theories about Friends and this one is seriously scary. It’s been speculated (by albeit unreliable Redditors) that Monica and Joey were both hiding drug dependencies during the show’s ten-year run. Monica, they guess, was a cocaine addict and Joey was a pothead. Monica’s addiction stems from her work in the restaurant biz where several chefs and sous chefs turn to the narcotic for energy in the fast-paced environment. Plus, she probably makes a lot of money and lives in an apparently cheap apartment — so where does her money go? To drugs, of course! It would definitely explain why she’s so “go go go!” all the time. Joey’s pot addiction makes natural sense because let’s be real, anyone who can eat two pizzas by themselves is definitely smoking something!

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