16 Crazy Fan Theories About TV Shows That Will Blow Your Mind

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Malcom from Malcolm in the Middle became Breaking Bad‘s Walter White

There are lots of Breaking Bad theories out there, but this one meshes Bryan Cranston‘s TV histories together. Before he was Walter White, Cranston was Hal the goofy father of five on Malcolm in the Middle. While many “Walt becomes Hal in witness protection” theories are floated around, this opposite idea makes a little more sense. This theory states that Malcolm actually grew up to be Walter White. The characters last name on Malcolm in the Middle is never explicitly stated so it could possibly be White. Plus, Hal’s father in the show is named Walter so it’s possible that it was Malcolm’s middle name. That would lead to him believably going under the moniker of “Walter White.” Plus, he would definitely grow up to look like his dad! Though, we’re pretty sure his mom would kick his ass if he was making meth!

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