16 Crazy Fan Theories About TV Shows That Will Blow Your Mind

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The Rugrats are all in Angelica’s mind

Brace yourself, this theory will eff you up! It all begins with Angelica. The theory states that she was neglected by her parents and in her loneliness, she dreamed up the children of The Rugrats. But here’s the truly messed up part: she didn’t just make them up. She’s imagining children that were at one time real and actually died. Chuckie died in a car accident with his mom, explaining why his dad is always anxious. Tommy was stillborn, which is why his dad obsessively makes toys for the son he never had. The DeVille baby was aborted and, since Angelica didn’t know the sex, she imagined one boy and one girl. Oh, but Dill is real and that’s why he’s the only baby that can’t speak. These childhood hallucinations lead to a drug problem down the road for Angelica and our fave childhood show is officially ruined!

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