17 “Cute” TV Relationships That Really Aren’t Cute At All

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TV relationships are often vastly different from their real-life counterparts. There’s much more drama and intrigue because those things are dramatically interesting and compelling. As a result, relationships that may seem at first blush to be romantic or swoon-inducing become a lot harder to live with in our current moment. The #MeToo era has led to a reevaluation of art both in front of and behind the camera, including a look back at some era-defining TV relationships. What once seemed harmless now seems emblematic of all the issues our society is dealing with concerning power dynamics and consent.

The issues with these relationships can come in a number of forms. Sometimes, the relationship is rife with jealousy and fights that don’t seem to mean much of anything. Other times, one or both of the characters involved has problems in the rest of their life that infect the relationship. Whatever the case may be, these relationships don’t hold up very well under a magnifying glass, even if they initially seemed cute. Here are 17 TV relationships that are pretty gross post-#MeToo.

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