18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Laura had the N-word written on her locker on Family Matters

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Episode: “Fight the Good Fight”

Laura is so excited about Black History Month that she feels inspired to begin a petition for a Black history class at her school. After some encouragement from her teachers, she teams up with Steve and receives tons of signatures. But during the process, she’s forced to deal with racism at the school. One day, she meets her locker open and finds a note that reads “If you want Black History, go back to Africa.” To make matters even worse, the N-word is also spray painted across the door of her locker.

This discourages Laura and causes her to cry. And because of the incident, the school is reluctant to support Laura’s idea because it could lead to controversy. But right when Laura considers giving up, Mother Winslow recalls her own encounter with racism when she was younger and how she’d refused to give up. Inspired by her story, Laura continues to fight for a new Black studies course. And sure enough, the principal agrees to discuss potential slots for the new class by the end.

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