18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Aunt Jackie had an abusive boyfriend on Roseanne

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Episode: “Crime and Punishment”

When Roseanne notices a change in Jackie’s behavior, she can’t quite understand why. But when Darlene catches a glimpse of Jackie’s bruised body in the bathroom, it all becomes quite clear. After Darlene reveals what she saw to her mother, Roseanne takes a look for herself and she’s so shocked that she’s speechless. Jackie finally opens up about how her boyfriend, Fisher, has been physically abusive, but she apparently blames herself and insists that he’s just having a rough time.

Just as Jackie breaks down and cries, Dan walks in and learns what’s going on. This makes him so angry that he storms out and goes to confront Fisher himself. While Jackie gets cared for at the hospital, Dan goes and beats Fisher up, which unfortunately lands him in jail. But hey, at least he got his revenge…

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