18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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Episode: “Strangers on the Net”

This was by far the most disturbing episode of Smart Guy, but it perfectly portrayed how kids can be lured by predators in real life. T.J. and his friend Karen make a new friend online who goes by the name “Marky412.” But when they meet their new “friend” in person to buy bootleg video games, they’re shocked to realize that Marky412 is a full-grown man. He comes off as a trustworthy guy, and so they agree to meet him again in his basement to help him develop a new game.

It’s not until he casually suggests that they strip down to their underwear and shows them a book of other half-naked kids that they realize he’s actually a child molester. Clearly feeling uncomfortable, T.J. pulls them both out of there before things can go any further. When T.J. finally tells his dad, the police are able to catch the guy and arrest him.

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