18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Dr. Cox broke down after realizing his mistake cost lives in Scrubs

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Episode: “My Lunch”

Only a few days after Dr. Cox and J.D. run into a former patient, she dies of what appears to be a drug overdose. As a result, J.D. blames himself because he didn’t see signs of her depression beforehand. Still, there’s a silver lining because Dr. Cox has three patients who are in need of organ transplants.

However, after these transplants are done, Jill’s autopsy reveals that she actually died of rabies, rather than an overdose. This, unfortunately, meant that all of his patients got infected as well, and they all eventually die. Dr. Cox is ridden with guilt and he just breaks down in a way we’ve never seen before. It’s almost too much to take. But then J.D. comes along and repeats the same advice that Dr. Cox once gave him, which is that he really shouldn’t blame himself for their death at all.

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