18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Quagmire’s sister got abused on Family Guy

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Episode: “Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q”

The entire episode is cringeworthy and weirdly depressing. When Quagmire lands in the hospital after being found hanging himself in auto-erotic asphyxiation, his sister comes to visit him. But much to everyone’s dismay, she brings her abusive and obnoxious boyfriend, Jeffery. Everyone else clearly sees the harm that he’s doing (which is hard to watch), and even Lois tries to convince her to walk away. But even with a bruised face, Brenda tries to exonerate Jeff.

Quagmire is so fed up with seeing his sister get hurt that he gathers his friends and discusses a way to get rid of him. The guys eventually convince Jeffery to join them on a hunting trip, where they intend to murder him. But when they go, it seems like Jeffery is already aware of their plans. Still, Quagmire manages to get the upper hand and he actually kills Jeff with his car. When the guys return home, they hand Brenda a forged letter saying that Jeff has decided to leave her. …Like, is this Family Guy or How to Get Away With Murder?

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