18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Edith got assaulted on All in the Family

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Episode: “Edith’s 50th Birthday”

Edith wound up having the worst birthday ever when a rapist (Lambert), disguised as a police detective, invades her home and tries to assault her. Lambert repeatedly tries to control Edith until she grows too exhausted to fight back. But before he can do anything, they both smell Edith’s cake burning. Lambert takes her to the kitchen to pull it out the oven, but Edith then siezes this opportunity to escape by smashing the burnt cake into his face.

Over two weeks after the incident, Edith is still jumpy and depressed. But after Lambert is caught for assaulting another woman, Edith is encouraged to identify him in the police lineup. This whole situation was just terrifying and extremely awkward to watch. Poor Edith didn’t deserve this.

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