18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Rose thought she contracted AIDS on The Golden Girls

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Episode: “72 Hours”

The Golden Girls never failed to make us laugh, but important episodes like this made it one of the most progressive shows to ever air. In “72 Hours,” Rose receives a letter stating that she may have acquired AIDS through a previous blood transfusion. After visiting the doctor, she’s told that she will have to wait over 72 hours to know if she really has the disease. Meanwhile, Sophia’s fear causes her to keep her distance from Rose and even label the kitchen utensils.

The show directly addressed the stigma surrounding AIDS and how it’s often seen as a punishment. Rose even mentioned during the episode that she’s a “good person” who doesn’t deserve to have it, but Blanche quickly shot down that myth and explained that AIDS isn’t a bad person’s disease. If we were health teachers, we’d probably make this a required watch by students.

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