18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Stephanie found out her new friend had an abusive dad on Full House

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Episode: “Silence is Not Golden”

Was anyone else stunned when Stephanie’s classmate, Charles, matter-of-factly told her that his dad beats him up all the time? In this episode, he makes her promise to keep it a secret, but then he doesn’t show up to school for over a week because of an “accident.” Though Stephanie knows what really went down, she still keeps her promise of silence. But when Uncle Jesse notices her odd behavior, she finally confesses what Charles told her.

Jesse immediately calls the police to report the abuse and, as a result, Charles is moved to a safe foster home. Child abuse wasn’t the main focus of this episode, so the details about Charles’s situation felt rather vague. Still, the writers did a decent job of highlighting how this situation can be painful and tricky for any child to navigate.

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